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IP Address Display Translation [requires Internet Explorer] 

IP Addressing with Class C Subnets 

Names for Big Bandwidth

Mobile Phones for International Travel



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Saint Nicholas School, Los Altos

Saint Francis High School, Mountain View

Duke Basketball Report

Rosenet (by Mom)


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Older Photo Albums

Arizona (16 April 2004)

Photo Album (6 April 2004)

Photo Album (6 January 2004)

Lake Tahoe Vacation (25 August 2003)

Photo Album (12 August 2003)

Easter in the Desert (25 April 2003)

Photo Album (23 March 2003)

Photo Album (14 September 2002)

Photo Album (25 July 2002)

Photo Album (28 April 2002)

Photo Album (November/December 2001)

Photo Album (17 November 2001)

Kate and David's Wedding (22 September 2001)

Photo Album (12 September 2001)

California by Can (July 2001)

RV Packing List

Photo Album (13 June 2001)

Welcome, Jimmy (26 May 2001)

Ellen in Barbie Land (24 May 2001)

Welcome, Amy (22 May 2001)

Where did Amy get her full head of dark hair?

Check out this baby picture of her father with his dad!

Happy Birthday, Susan (21 May 2001)

Welcome, Ellen (27 February 1997)

Susan on Home Video (2 November 1996) [.avi 8,329KB]

Photo Album (c. 1998)


Bad Daddy

Quote2Note (translates stock quotes into musical notes)

Flutes Start Here: A First Song (by Amy)

Once In Love With Amy

Genome Music

In the Midnight Hour

Clouds Soundtrack

A Tribute to My Home State 


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